Why Costa Rica is the perfect vacation destination

Are you having trouble finding a place to enjoy yourself during vacation? Worry no more because Costa Rica is here for you. Costa Rica is a country located in Central America. It has plenty of good things that will make you enjoy your holiday and wish that it will never come to an end. The following are what makes Costa Rica a perfect place for your holiday.

It is the world’s happiest country. This is because it is the best place to live. It has fewer carbon traces, and people in there are environmentally friendly. Spending a week or more in Costa Rica with theĀ best tour companies will make you feel as if you are in your own paradise.

Costa Rica has the best beaches. Enjoying your holiday by the shore is the best experience you can encounter. Experiencing the breeze from water knowing that the air from it is not contaminated will make you feel alive forever.

It has natural forests which nobody has interfered with them. In this forest, there are over 5,000 species of trees and plants. There are more than a thousand species of birds which are indigenous and others which have migrated. There are also different species of mammals, insects, and reptiles. Having a visit to

Costa Rica will make you enjoy all these natural beauties.

It has the peaceful people in the world. Costa Rica is the only country that does not have an army. The army of this country was deployed in 1949. Costa Rica is the home of United Nations University for Peace. They have the best greeting styles in the world. The Costa Ricans don’t use heIIo or halo in greetings instead they say “Pura Vida” which means pure life. They also refer to their partners as the other half that is “media Naranja” this has ensured that they will in peace and harmony with each other.

It is the home of the best coffee. Costa Rica produces the best coffee in the world. Having a taste of this coffee will leave your mouth watery salivating for more. Their coffee is natural without any other substances in them.

Costa Rica has the best reserves and national parks. With its love for the environment, it has created parks for different species of animals. Having a tour to Costa Rica one will be able to enjoy seeing over 200 species of mammals some of which are only found in Costa Rica.

It has the best restaurants and hotels. Costa Rica has invested a lot in the tourism sector and therefore most of its hotel is of the good standard. Visiting Costa Rica will make you enjoy some of the best natural foods. They also have performing groups which entertain their guest and showing their culture example, everyone in Costa Rica walks with a machete and it is their culture.

Dozens of the volcano are found in Costa Rica. These volcanos are attractive and safe. You will enjoy having a picture of them and see how they are surrounded by natural trees of different species.

Combining all these attractive features of Costa Rica, a holiday vacation to Costa Rica will remain in your life forever. It will be like you have created your own paradise on earth where you will enjoy the beauty of living.