Importance of light bars in seeing off-road

How light bars help in seeing off road

Importance of light bars in seeing off road

They help improving visibility at time of bad weather conditions. They help in improving the illumination capability of your jeep or truck. They help in enhancing the function of your jeep or truck. They help in transforming the look of your jeep or truck. There are a variety of options one has to consider before purchasing an off-road light but all these will depend on your budget and lifestyle. You can consider the options at

Options to consider

Halogen off road lights are not the best especially for flood lights where you require focussed lighting.They are not the best because they do not emit much light hence do not provide a good visibility.They are also not the best when it comes to energy efficiency.

LED off road lights
They are the latest type and also very much popular.They are more compact, often durable hence can provide service for a long period of time.The best part is that they are very stylish since they can be made of different colors, sizes and shapes.Installation should be done with specialised skills since most of them burn out due to improper installation.

HID off road lights

They are the best type of off road lights they provide light two times the LED lights and therefore useful for people who travel at very high speeds at night.

Light pattern

There are four different types of light beam patterns namely; spot, diving, fog, flood

Spot lights

It is mostly used for commercial,agricultural and racing purposes.They are extremely bright and illuminate a smaller area therefore should not be used on highways.

Diving Lights

They illuminate light to a much far extent and also to a wider extent therefore can be used for night diving since they provide a greater visibility of light.
Fog lights

They are used together with primary headlights for maximum illumination and are usually mounted below the headlights so as to prevent it from catching fog, rain, dust, and other particles that may be present in the air and that may hinder visibility.

Flood lights

They are mostly used as back up lights or as work lights for people who work at night since they illuminate light in a large area within a shorter distance. Mounting position The mounting position to be used generally depends on what type of light you are adding to the jeep or car.

1. Light bars

They are generally mounted on the roof,bumper or grill because that shine far in front of your vehicle and also floods light on edges.

2. Flood and Fog Lights

Are mostly mounted on the front bumper to help you illuminate the area on your front.

3. Spot Lights

They are usually mounted on top of the vehicle because they shine at a far much distance.Theyhave a disadvantage in that the cannot be used for high speed.

Driving Lights

They are mostly mounted on your grill to add light to the headlights so as to produce more light and also enhance visibility.

Tips to use when purchasing an off road light

1. They should be durable and have a good reputation.

2. Read many reviews as possible to get more knowledge about light.

3. The consideration that two lights are better than one.