Importance of keeping your social security card safe

Every social security card contains a social security number that is unique to every individual who poses this type of card. Here I am talking about the most common type of security card that as I mentioned earlier contains the social security number and the cardholder’s name. Such cards are issued to U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent living citizens, lost cards are available through

The social security number will be really useful in your everyday life. That is because you will need this number in order to find and get a job, receive government service and gain certain social security benefits. The social security number is also used in a various occasion that may include businesses, banks and credit companies.

According to Social security administration, in order to get a social security card and number, you will have to first apply for them, then you have to provide original documents regarding your citizenship or immigration status, age and identity.

Thorough knowledge of the use and significance of the social security card and social security number in your everyday living shows that the safety of this card is very important. If you have this card, the responsibility for its security is yours.

Due to the fact that social security card and number plays an important role in the various social activities of the individual, losing this card can compromise your security and the security of your possessions.

It’s very important for every citizen to know how to act accordingly in a case where his/hrs social security card is lost or stolen. In this case, it’s crucial to take immediate action. In a case where your social security card might be stolen, you are facing the danger of someone (a thief/ criminal/ criminal organization) on your behalf purchasing property, opening new financial accounts or committing some major illegal and criminal actions.

There are several steps that are recommended to be taken if your social security card has been compromised.

1. Contact your local police department – Immediately after realizing that your card has been stolen you have to contact your local police department in order to file a theft report and to make the social security card invalid while placing a fraud alert.

2. Contact the proper services – Notify the Internal Revenue Service to report your missing card and prevent criminals from submitting a tax return in your name.

3. Take a close look at the activities of your credit card and report immediately if you notice some strange activities or activities that have been made after your social security card was stolen.

4. Apply and get a new social security card – In order to do so, you must provide evidence like your police reports, that will verify that the card and the number has been stolen and that the fraud is causing you significant continuing harm.

You must note that the new social security card won’t resolve all the problems regarding the old, stolen card. You have to be careful with your personal information and credit activities in order to limit the misuse and feel safer.