Application Filing Services – Social Security Card

Application Filing Services like provide a great platform for people to replace or renew their Social Security Cards. Though it is not associated with the United States government, it still provides a very useful service to the people of the country by filling out their Social Security Card renewal or replacement forms, or in short, the 88-5 form.

Let’s first look at the Social Security Card and it’s uses:

The Social Security Card is a vital document for any United States citizen, as it’s main purpose is to give each citizen their own identity under the State. The Social Security Card is dispatched by the government body known as the Social Security Administration, and it is basically an identity card, with a plethora of uses for each citizen. Mainly it is used by the government and it’s bodies to keep track of the citizens, such as it is used by the Internal Revenue Service to keep track of the taxations of each citizen, but other than that it has many other uses.

1. Driver’s License:

Every United States citizen is entitled to a driver’s license within the confines of the country. And to obtain this license, the people are needed to verifiably identify themselves as the citizens of the country. The Social Security Card helps with this. When you go to the DMV to get your driver’s license, you can provide the attendants with your social security card, and they can then move on to the other processes in procuring your driver’s license.

2. College/University:

In order to secure admissions in universities and other higher education facilities, you are required to show proof of having some financial backing, which will help you get your way through college. We all know how expensive college can be, and not everyone can afford it without help. This help comes in the form of college and student loans that can be taken up by any US citizen, who is able to prove his or her identity. Here’s where the Social Security Card comes into work. The SSC helps you prove your identity to the banks and other lending institutions so that they can give you the required funds to get you through college.

3. Employment and Jobs:

Every United States citizen tries to get employment for themselves one way or another, in the course of their lives. Employment is beneficial for a number of reasons and many of them are self-explanatory. But for any citizen to obtain employment, they require certain documentation that proves their US citizenship. This document is mainly the Social Security Card. The Social Security card can be helpful in any employment institution in providing certain proofs of your citizenship, and help you obtain employment in the country.

We will now discuss the benefits of Application Filing Service and what use it can be to you in the process of renewing, replacing or making a new Social Security Card:

1 . Application Filing Service is one of the easiest-to-use tools online that help individuals in the filing and documentation process of obtaining a new Social Security Card.

2. Application Filing Service provides a free SS-5 filing guide, that highlights the entire process of filing for a new Social Security Card in detailed, yet easy to understand format.

3. The Application Filing Service Guide also provides the list of documents that are required by individuals to obtain a new Social Security Card, and also gives detailed guidelines on the obtainment of those documents.

4. One of the main benefits of Application Filing Service, that is not provided by any other service, is the free protection guide against identity theft. The guide explains thoroughly the process of protecting oneself against theft.

Application Filing Service is one of the only service-providing bodies in the country, that is not associated with the government and yet provides these services that help individual citizens of the United States of America to get their new Social Security Cards.