Advantages of Using LCD Display Technology.

There are a variety of display technologies available in the in today world. However, LCD technology is replacing the traditional CRT technology. LCD or Liquid crystal display has better performance than its competing technologies such as CRT or Cathode Ray Tube technology. LCD technology has been adopted in homes and commercial establishments. Many hotels and offices are purchasing this type of display components than other available display units. Compared to its competing technology, LCD display has a broad variety of advantages and benefits. Other than, price and cost, LDC exhibits greater performance than either LED or CRT display technologies. Here is a discussion of some of the benefits of using CCFL with LCD technology.


When you have little space in your home, office or hotel, LCD monitors are the best. They are commonly known as the flat screen monitors. Compared to Cathode Ray Tube monitors, LCD monitors occupy much less space. The space occupied by other technologies is wide and compared to this technology option, the LCD monitors offer much space. This space could be used to set up other equipment such as files on the office and other documents. Similarly, you could set up other appliances such as home theatres in case of a home environment.

Power Consumption

Unlike other display technologies, LCD technology offers low power consumption. When you are worried about escalating your electricity bills, LCD monitors are the best to spare your little hard earned cash. LCD monitors use up little energy compared to CRT monitors. This does not primarily mean that they have poor picture quality. Their display qualities are not dependent on the amount of energy they consume. A standard LCD monitor has a power rating of about 25 to 50 Watts. This is however dependent on the size of display type that you choose.

Brightness Quality

Some display technology has lower resolutions compared to others. If brightness is of great preference to you, LCD monitor is the best that you could put in your home or in your office. They have a high peak rate compared to other technology and brands. They have a great intensity of generating quality images and varied energy that illuminates the displaying screen. This makes LCD technology monitors the best choice for brightly lit rooms or for open space displays.

Anti-flickering Screens

Most of the display monitors that are available in today’s world have a flickering effect. However, this is not the case with LCD monitors, this type of screens have a higher refresh rate in such a manner that noticing flickering effect is almost impossible. Comparing with CRT monitors, which scan viewing areas horizontally, to imply that the whole screen is covered with these horizontal lines, this is what is called refresh rate. With LCD monitors, common refresh rates of between 75 to 85 Hertz, means that you can barely notice this flickering effect.

Other monitor display options cause strain on your eyes and headaches if viewing for longer periods of time. However, this is not the case with LCD type. They are the recommended type of display that won’t put you into many healthy risks. They are way more comfortable to use than other available display technology types.